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In August 2015, ground was broken for the new Development and Production Centre (DPC) in Warngau, south of Munich. After only 6 months of effective construction, Apurano Life Sciences moved into its new premises close to Lake Tegern at the end of January 2016. After the construction, optimal clean room conditions of class D to A (the highest clean room class) were now available for the development and production of new products to pharmaceutical quality standards (GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice) with the PuranoTec production technology.

In the new Development and Production Centre, the Apurano developers work with the latest equipment to develop and produce products for your health.

Due to measures such as the low-energy standard in timber construction, district heating, and additional heat generation by the use of machine waste heat, Apurano is also an environmentally responsible company. Apurano deliberately opted for a wooden building because this underlines the sustainability standards of the company. Wood as a natural product provides a very pleasant room climate and thus produces a creative working atmosphere for our employees.