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Dr. Werner Brand, CEO

Dr. Werner Brand founded Apurano Life Sciences GmbH and invented the PuranoTec production process, which forms the technological basis of Apurano Life Sciences. Due to his broad technological and entrepreneurial experience in as many as 7 sectors, he was able to lead the start-up company Apurano Life Sciences GmbH and bring its first product - APUXAN - to market entry within 3 years.

Dr. Brand studied aerospace engineering at the Technical University of Munich, with periods abroad at the McCormick School for Engineering at Northwestern University Chicago, USA and at the University of Manchester, England. He completed his doctorate at the University of Sheffield in England.

During his studies, Dr. Brand worked at the aerospace company DASA (now Airbus) on smart structures and materials. These are materials that change their properties under the influence of temperature or electric current, thus enabling completely new applications in aircraft and vehicle construction.

His first professional position led him to the Daimler Group, where he established and managed two technology competence centres. After working in the consulting firm of Roland Berger, he was in the divisional management of companies in mechanical engineering, plant construction, and process engineering before moving into entrepreneurship. During his professional career, Dr. Brand has always been a pioneer of new technologies, such as at Daimler, where he and his team introduced aerodynamic and acoustic simulations at their Adtranz rail subsidiary. At Müller Weingarten AG, which was at that time the world's second largest manufacturer of presses for the automobile industry, innovative and new automotive presses were developed under his management that are now used at BMW and other automakers in order to accelerate and improve production processes.

A reliable group of shareholders with an extensive network in the life science and pharmaceutical sector supports the company in its investments, market entry, and further expansion.


Research and development is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of highly motivated, skilled, and experienced employees with doctoral qualifications, consisting of biologists, chemists, biochemists, and operations experts, at the site in Warngau. This team is expanded by experienced experts from the pharmaceutical and marketing/sales area, who worked or still work in a leading position in the pharmaceutical industry.