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Stress, malnutrition, high performance sports, lack of sleep, poor diet, and also recovery after diseases or surgery can lead to temporary weakening of the immune system and make the body more susceptible to infections. Moderate exercise in fresh air, enough sleep, and a balanced diet have positive effects on the immune response. Yet our bodies are often not sufficiently prepared for the pathogen load. A nutritional supplement with immune stimulants is therefore a sensible measure to train the immune system in a targeted way.

The immune active spray APUXAN contains the almond mushroom Agaricus blazei Murill1) and zinc. The almond mushroom contains beta-1.3-1.6-glucans, which have been known for their immunostimulatory effect for more than 30 years. Beta-glucans are highly insoluble in water. For this reason, Beta-glucan and mushroom products that are in powder or in capsule form are often only be absorbed by the body in small amounts, to achieve the desired effect.

Beta-1.3-1.6-glucans are components of the cell walls of mushrooms and some plants and bacteria and are thus some of the so-called pathogen-associated structures for our immune system. They are detected by the immune system to fight an infection with fungi or bacteria. Without the full pathogens, beta-1.3-1.6-glucans trigger immune activation, but do not cause disease symptoms. Since beta-glucan-containing foods are hardly ever used in modern society of developed countries, dietary supplements containing beta-glucans 1.3-1.6 are a safe, natural, and sensible supplementation of food to train the immune system (for more details, please consult the APUXAN product page).

Our new PuranoTec production technology converts the entire almond mushroom, including its important nutrients - the beta-1.3-1.6-glucans, into a soluble state, which means it can be almost completely absorbed by the body. The full power of the natural ingredients remains unchanged.

APUXAN is sprayed into the inside of the cheeks using an active spray. Due to its special formulation, the constituents of the almond mushroom, including the beta-1.3-1.6 glucan, are already absorbed in large part through the mucus membrane in the mouth. The remaining particles can then be absorbed through the intestinal mucus membrane.

PuranoTec thus improves the nutritional effect of the beta-glucans in APUXAN for your immune system. From 1/09/2016, APUXAN is available exclusively in your pharmacy or by pharmacy mail order.

Click here to go to the product page for APUXAN to learn more about our product and its nutritional effect and application.

1) Scientific name Agaricus subrufescens Peck, known as Agaricus blazei Murill (ABM)